Monday, October 13, 2014


I have a Secret too..

That I always hoping first...


Anonymous said...


Life is how u take it

Happiness when u choose to be in one and sadness is something when we look back in the past,its a formula of secret strength.

Hoping first isnt a prob, if u dare to make ur move,to show ur confident, to show how sincere,comitted and serious u are.

Yet if it meant to be it meant to be.doesnt matter how hard and long it will take.

Frankly speaking,knowing u over the years u have this shy-ness and arrogant issues.get over it no 1.Bcos u r nice one deep inside ur heart.u r as fragile as ur hard look.

No.2 stop keeping everything inside ur heart.people dont read mind u know.u need to express and tell them how u feel n all.

Its not that i know u that very much.its like i think this is what u need to put a sketch of smiley on ur face.

Nothings come easy.yet climb back get back on ur feet bcos someday u know its worth the pain.

U choose ur happiness,life is a waste to no to be happy.


-Ex-koleg of land below the wind-

Anonymous said...